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  • Horn Thread Wall

    Horn Thread Wall

    Horn Thread Wall
  • Janome MyLock 644D

    Regular Price: AU$799.00

    Special Price AU$499.00

    Janome MyLock 644D

    The MyLock 644D includes essential featu...
  • Janome 8002DX

    Regular Price: AU$599.00

    Special Price AU$329.00

    Janome 8002DX

    A Janome overlocker is the perfect compa...
  • Janome 1200D

    Regular Price: AU$1,999.00

    Special Price AU$1,599.00

    Janome 1200D

    The 1200D provides all the tools you nee...
  • Horn Craft & Hobby Cutting Table

    Horn Craft & Hobby Cutting Table

    The ideal fabric preparation table that ...
  • Janome RE1306

    Regular Price: AU$199.00

    Special Price AU$149.00

    Janome RE1306

    The RE1306 is a fantastic first machine ...