HQ 24" Fusion Package with HQ Pro - Stitcher

HQ 24" Fusion Package with HQ Pro - Stitcher

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HQ 24" Fusion Package with HQ Pro - Stitcher



Quick Overview

HQ Pro-Stitcher’s precision stitch-regulated system provides you with the highest quality product, backed by the HQ warranty and network of local representatives. Using integrated HQ technology, the HQ Pro-Stitcher offers the best of both worlds: computerized quilting and free-motion quilting with the flick of a switch.


- Fusion Package includes:-
- HQ Pro-Stitcher
- 24” Fusion Machine
- 1 x Fusion Carriage
- 1 x set Fusion Handlebars
- 12ft Fusion frame(five boxes)
- 1 x Bobbin Winder

HQ Pro-Stitcher - for Fusion


- 10.1” color touch-screen monitor mounted on your
- HQ stitch-regulated quilting machine is also a computer that will store thousands of quilting designs right at our   fingertips
- View and manipulate designs on the screen,right at the machine
- Resize, Rotate and Repeat (horizontally and vertically)designs to fi t specific areas
- Two-point Rotation to place border designs and fit odd angles
- Precisely Reposition designs using Find Center Point or Find Start Point
- Crop designs to fit your quilt
- Find New Start Point with Auto Find if your thread breaks
- Set quilting speed and stitches-per-inch


- 20" of open quilting space: quilt from crib to king with ease Warm/Cool/Neutral or UV
- Speeds up to 2200 precision stitches per minute
- On-board video play-back system
- Needle position control
- Stitch counters
- Built in diagnostics
- Video and audio playback options
- Download upgrades
- Thread-break sensor
- Built-in connection point for HQ Fusion Micro


- 12' Professional Studio Frame System, load and quilt with no additional adjustment